About Us

Business Name Here

Hi there!  I’m Theresia, owner and founder of Business Name Here.

I’d like to introduce you to our company and tell you a bit about why I believe we are your trusted partner for your real estate investment.

Just like most of you, I sought ways to plan for my own future, to contribute to my family’s success, and to be financially independent.  My parents always taught me and my two siblings that living a purposeful life was not all about money.  That’s why I believe that while earning a paycheck is a good thing – helping the people I do business with and having a positive influence in my community is a GREAT thing. 

We seek long term TRUST-based relationships with everyone we do business with.

Business Name Here stands for that vision and motivation.

What exactly do we DO

We buy unwanted and cumbersome properties from people who are ready to sell.


We manage unwanted and cumbersome homes and properties; bringing them back to their former glory, so you don’t have to.


We sell move-in-ready homes and turn-key investment properties to enthused buyers who will enjoy them and put them to good long-term use.

What does what we do, do FOR YOU?   (Try saying that 3 times fast!)

We pay the seller (You!) a quick-turnaround, fair-market price for your unwanted home or property, so you can begin fulfilling your dreams faster than ever!


We get these same properties into tip-top shape and ready to sell, so when the right buyer (You!) comes along, you’ll have your property in hand sooner than you ever thought possible.

What do we do FOR THE COMMUNITY?

Golden Section Properties revitalizes neighborhoods by bringing jobs to the local community and increasing the standards of living in the areas where we work. We are personally involved, and that’s why it’s a WIN/WIN/WIN for sellers, buyers, and the community!

How can YOU get involved?

Whether you’re ready to finally sell your unwanted real estate, or if you’re in the market for a well-cared-for home or property, the first step towards making it happen is to GIVE US A CALL at 123-456-7890.